A Designer of ethnic Indian clothing and Masters Graduate in English Literature from University of Mumbai (India), I have been teaching Indian cooking to Indian food aficionados for over 25 years in Boston area. As my students Indian food enthusiasts learn the various recipes and distinguished culinary traditions of the foods of North, South and West at the Newton and Brookline Adult Education Centers.

I also conduct a private class on a weekly basis for a small group of students. My classes include field trips to the best Indian Restaurants and Indian Grocery stores where students taste and learn about the wealth of Indian Masalas (spices) and other ingredients unique to Indian cooking.

In the words of Ruth Landsman, a Yoga teacher and a regular at my class…."In the Indian Vegetarian class, I learned that food can be flavorful, nutritious, meatless, fast and easy and that, with the right staples on hand, it was possible to cook up a meal in a matter of moments. And do it cheaply! So thank you to Shruti Mehta who simplified recipes and explained substitutions so that I was able to feel confident enough to "fly without the safety net" of a recipe".

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